Commercial Debt Collection

Debtors know they can’t hide assets forever when Damadeo Law is on their trail.

Damadeo Law Commercial Debt Collection

We have collected MILLIONS of dollars in unpaid debts for our clients.

Damadeo Law Judgment Enforcement

Commercial Debt Collection with the highest level of ethical tenacity.

When litigation results in a judgment, a truly successful litigation must also include collection of that judgement. Being able to collect a judgment — and sometimes even settlement payments — can be the hardest part.

Our long experience providing persistent and aggressive effort to locate assets and enforce judgements — both for businesses and for clients of other attorneys who have obtained judgements — can help achieve collection. We have collected millions of dollars in unpaid debts for our clients.

We accept new commercial debt collection cases from $50,000 to $50,000,000, as well as existing case and judgement amounts in this range that you have been unable to collect. Much of our practice consists of referrals from other lawyers who have judgments and use our services to enforce them.

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